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Company History

In the early 1960’s Frank J. Rapin, the founder of FJR Industrial Sales, Inc. took a big risk and sold his interest in a steel service center in the Detroit, Michigan area.

FJR Industrial Sales, Inc. grew from a small company having less than one hundred customers located generally in Michigan, to a larger company with thousands of customers internationally. Yet, still treating customers much as they did when it was a smaller company.

Patrick Rapin left his job as a regional sales manager for a metrology equipment company on the east coast in the early 1990’s to join his father at FJR Industrial Sales, Inc. With his father’s same philosophy of treating customers respectfully and fair with the knowledge of managing budgets, forecasts and inventory control he has brought FJR Industrial Sales, Inc. to where it is today. A leader in supplying hardware which includes stacking caps, targets and locking devices for the material handling rack industry.

FJR Industrial Sales, Inc. is the only supplier of the these components to have met the standards and approval of Ford, GM and DCX. We have also, been approved by transplant companies in the U.S. from Asia and Europe as well as many other auto companies now located in North America, South America and Canada.

We have developed long lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers with one basic premise in mind which is to treat people the way we would like to be treated.

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